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A Sunday to Remember

(As told to me by my father's good friend, Clarence L. Ayers, in the late 1990s)
One Sunday, some time in the 1990s, the congregation of a Florida Pentecostal church was in for a real treat. Harry Butts, a gospel singer of some renown, had been invited to come perform. The pastor, Mr. Ayers' brother, stood at the pulpit and informed his flock that a blessing was in store. He then formally welcomed the singer and said, "Brother Harry, you come on up and sing for us." As prompted, Mr. Butts made his way to the platform, but the two female vocalists who accompanied him remained seated. The pastor then approached the microphone again and announced, "You two ladies with Harry Butts, y'all come, too."

At first, only a handful of people snickered. Before long, however, the entire church had erupted into laughter! It was a while before the preacher realized what he had inadvertently said. Indeed, it was a Sunday to remember, but it's doubtful if anyone recalls a single song Harry Butts sang. One can only speculate who was most embarrassed that day. Was it the red-faced minister or the two ladies with Harry Butts?

Author:  Greg Freeman.  Published May 7, 2006.

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