Snorts & Giggles
"No Ladypeas, Ma'am"

(As told to me by my father, W. J. Freeman Sr., on August 9, 2005)
Quite a few years back, Jim Watson owned a small grocery store in Seneca, South Carolina. Long before supermarket chains built box stores on the bypass and drove the small "Mom and Pop" businesses out of commission, Mr. Watson ran a thriving establishment at the fork of North First Street and present-day Old Salem Road. One early 1960s morning, he decided to take the day off. Mr. Hunnicutt, a life-long bachelor and trusted friend of Mr. Watson, lived across the street. So, Watson asked his buddy to watch the store in his absence. Some time over in the day, a woman came in and inquired if the store had a can of ladypeas. Mr. Hunnicutt, speaking with a distinct and slow southern drawl, politely replied, "Ma'am, I ain't seen......a years."

Author:  Greg Freeman.  Published May 7, 2006.

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